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Our vision is to make the school a synonym of quality education that prepares students to be a future ready citizen. We provide a learning environment with modern facilities, which is conducive for developing the intellectual, social, physical and emotional potential of each child and thereby imbibing academic excellence, exemplary character, social consciousness and concern for the environment..


To provide the best possible instruction in core subjects  and languages.

To create in the children desirable attitude towards learning and positive thinking.

To help the children translate thought into positive actions and emotions.

To develop all-round personality of the children with a view to enrich their future life.

To provide opportunities for children to bring out the best within them through curricular and co-curricular activities.

To enable children to form character traits such as honesty, integrity, trustworthiness, love for parents, respect for elders and decent social behaviour.

To create social awareness and international brotherhood.

To give them the basic principles of philanthropy.

To make children rule abiding patriotic citizens by giving them lessons of democracy.

To lay a strong foundation for the development of necessary Technical Skills.

To inculcate communal harmony among children.