*Fee once paid using debit card will not be refunded at any circumstances.



 No Society/Trust/Company/School shall charge capitation fee or accept donations for the purpose of admission for pupils.

Admission Fee and Fee charged under any other head are to be charged only as per the regulations of the appropriate Government.

Fees shall be charged under the heads prescribed by the Department of Education of the state/UTs.

Refund of Fees-In case not otherwise provided by the Appropriate Government, in the event of a student discontinuing the studies or wishing to migrate to some other school, dues shall be collected only upto the month of discontinuance and not upto the month in which the T C is applied for.

Fee Revision-Fee revision of the schools shall be subject to laws, regulation and directions of the Appropriate Government. Fee shall not be revised without the express approval of the School Management committee or the process prescribed by the Appropriate Government under any circumstances.